Do you have a payment plan?

  I do have a payment plan, because I understand how hard it can be to pay it all up front. For payment plans however I do request that 50% be paid up front before I send the first module. Or sign up for a Paypal payment program where you can make regular monthly payments over 8 months.  Most students make monthly payments until the balance is paid. The total must be paid off before Module 2 is sent out (usually 6 months)


What course materials do you provide?

  I provide most of the materials you will need, it is several hundred pages all together. I do have a reading list with books that you will have to get on your own. These books are aimed at giving you reference materials for you to use years into your future as an herbalist


Are there any courses or degrees I should get to supplement my education?


No, you do not need to take extra coursework unless you want to. I teach basic anatomy and physiology, and plant botany in the advanced coursework.


What makes your program better than the other online programs?


  There are several things that make my school different including using a professional interactive education platform. This allows easy access not only to live classes but also has the ability for students to go back and listen to the class as many times as they want to in order to reinforce their knowledge.


  I have it set up as not only a school (for certification) but as a mentorship program. My students e-mail me questions about everything from making medicines to treating their first clients. We also keep in touch with our students as long as they like for feedback, advice and support.


  The students are also in small groups which allows for peers to interact with each other and me as a group via e-mail and Skype sessions. This way if one person has a question or experience the whole group can learn from it.


  Our school also follows the guidelines set out by the American Herbalist Guild for herbalist certification so that if certification does become a national standard you will be prepared to not only meet, but exceed that standard. Few other online programs do that

  I can also help you find an herbalist in your area through the American Herbalist Guild who you can do an apprenticeship post certification

  Last but not least is that this program was developed by a nurse who has studied with some of the greatest herbalists and aromatherapists in this country. I take all of my education and condense it so that you get a rounded pr
ogram that gives you the sum of my years of experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

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