Earth skills

 This program is for people who want to use herbs to heal their family and friends or who want to practice before starting the Herbalist Certification program. The very practical class on emergency first aide makes this program unique. 
Herbalist Certification Program

This is aimed at the person with little or no experience with herbs to become a practicing herbalist and start seeing clients in under 1.5 years.  This course teaches about how to heal people using Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic medical systems. It covers everything from anatomy to understanding lab results.


Master Herbalist Certification Program 

This advanced program is for the person who has over a year of experience with herbal medicine and/or medical professionals who want to add a natural healing component to their practice. This program goes through not only herbs but advanced diagnostics, advanced TCM, an Ayurvedic techniques and information on how to start and promote a practice.


Medical Professional Herbalist Program

Similar to the Herbalist Certification Program but aimed at medical professionals who have taken classes in anatomy and physiology. This class will allow physicians, Nurses, ARNPs, Physician's Assistants, dietitions, and Pharmacists get a detailed education on herbalism and show you how to integrate it into your practice. CEUs to be offered in 2017. 


 Apprenticeship available upon completion of programs. 

All programs dovetail into one another so you can start with one program and then as you learn add on the advanced modules.

Live Oak School Of Natural Healing